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Street Business | THE pixelated street business management game
Street Business | THE pixelated street business management game
Street Business is an independent, unique, funny and pixelated sandbox management PC game in which you manage a gang of thugs
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Presentation of the game

Street Business is an independent, unique, funny and pixelated sandbox management PC game in which you manage a gang of thugs. Composed of lots of micromanagement elements (manage your thugs accessories and skills, your apartements, your garages and vehicles), tons of generated events (based on your relationships, other gangs can help you, extort money from you, ask for your help, attack you frontally or using devious methods etc…) and a lot of parallel missions (send thugs rob a petrol station, a carwash station or a bank, sell jewels to the pusher, purchase weapons and salad, organize burglaries etc…), Street Business will offer you a unique experience, full of humour, action and reflexion.

Designed to be played for hours without falling into a boring and repetitive gameplay, Street Business also comes with awesome pixel art graphics that will bring back to memory the pleasure of gamers who have played the  independent and inventive video games of the 80’s and 90’s.

Filled with humour, fights, glorious victories and pitiful failures, Street Business will seduce you with its deep and complex gameplay, as well as the tons of possible actions to achieve your goals.

The game, realized by Blank Pixel is under development. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed of the lastest developments of the game.

Support us on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight !

Street Business on Steam Greenlight
Street Business on Kickstarter

The background

You’re just a little thug living in a dirty street of a European city.

Your goal ? To become a gang leader and  take control of all the street buildings from the hands of the other gangs .


To do that, you will need to :

  • hire thugs
  • order, store and sell salad
  • order, store and use weapons
  • organize heists and burglarize premises
  • purchase and manage apartments
  • sponsor music bands and streetwear brands
  • make strategic alliances
  • steal, buy and manage vehicles
  • plan attacks against other gangs to take their buildings
  • … and much more !

 There are tons and tons of possible actions to order to your thugs, such :

  • Keeping an eye on a specific area
  • Dealing salad
  • Body searching people
  • Identifying someone
  • Interviewing and hiring someone
  • Bribing a thug from another gang
  • Bribing a cop
  • Extorting money from other gangs
  • Asking salad from other gangs
  • Organizing watch patrols by scooter and warning the gang when cops arrive
  • Robing a shop
  • Protecting a shop
  • Launching microwave attacks on enemies near your building
  • Robing a stunned guy
  • Killing someone
  • Driving someone out
  • Selling objects
  • Listening to rumors in the pub
  • Looking for new contacts
  • Training to gain skills
  • Going on mission (burglaries, heists, jewels pusher…)
  • … and much more !

Video trailer

A girl drive a scooter

Face a world that lives without you

Other gangs act and interact with each other independently. They buy and improve their apartments, buy  vehicles, deal salad, make alliances and attack other gangs as of their own accord. Don’t underestimate them !

Street Business

Buy and use

You’ll need to build armories to store the weapons you’ll buy and steal. Arm your thugs depending on their skills to avoid being beaten, robbed  or humiliated by your enemies. Beware of cops when you go shopping !

Street Business - Thug

Hire and manage your

Each person has his own skills, like strength, perception, loyalty and haggling. Each skill has a lot of impact in the game, you’ll need to evaluate the skills of your thugs depending on the activities you plan to assign them with.

Street Business

Steal, use and sell

Store the stolen jewels in your safe, then sell them to the jewel receiver. Store the loot in your storage room, then sell it to the Ca$h shop when they are looking for these objects, to maximize your profits.

A cop body search a guy

Manage your relations with police and other gangs

A lot of actions will impact your relationships with the police and other gangs, which can lead to wars or alliances. If the police hates you, expect more control outside your buildings.


Rent garages and buy vehicles

Scooters will allow your thugs to watch the neighborhood and alert your gang if the police comes to your buildings. Cars will be required to execute parallel missions. Their qualities will impact your chances of success.

Street Business

Order, stock and sell your salad

The little pushers will directly bring the salad to your storage room, but the bigger ones will ask you to come pick up the salad. Send experienced guys and choose a good car to face the random events that could occur.

Street Business

Buy, convert and improve apartments

Your apartments will allow you to create specific rooms for your business, like headquarters, armory, storage rooms,  training room, infirmary, defences… Each type of apartment has 3 possible upgrading levels.